Visit Kawasaki Motor Corps., USA owners center for up to date service manuals, parts diagrams, ROK™ info, owner support, warranty info, Kawasaki Protection. View and Download Kawasaki Ninja service manual online. Motorcycle Accessories Kawasaki Ninja R User’s Manual And Installation Instructions JKAEXEE1 CDA EXEC JKAEXEEDA □ JKAEXEF1. [BOOK] Kawasaki Ninja r Owners Manual PDF Book is the book you Kawasaki NINJA R Assembly & Preparation Manual.

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Air Switching Valve Hoses 4.

kawasaki ninja r owners manual

Special Tool – Clutch Holder: Piston Ring Thickness Standard: From upper to lower, run the following on the left side of the head pipe; clutch cable, left switch housing lead, main harness. Cylinder Head Warp Inspection The thermostat continuously changes its valve opening to keep the coolant temperature at the proper level. Do not touch the spark plug, ignition coil or ig- nition coil lead while the engine is running, or you could receive a severe electrical shock.


Run the main harness as follows; through the guide, on the left side of the head pipe, inside the clamp on the bracket. Troubleshooting troubleshooting the dfi system Torque – Breather Plate Bolts: Direction of Engine Rotation When rotating the crankshaft by hand, the free play amount of rotating direction will affect the adjustment.


Seat Height mm Be sure to maintain proper alignment and use smooth movements when installing. Intake Air Temperature Sensor 8. Oxygen Sensor Equipped Models 9.

Apply a non-permanent locking agent.

Clutch not disengaging Engine oil level too low Shift fork bent or seized Engine oil poor quality or incorrect Gear stuck on the shaft Gauge incorrect Special Tools 6500r Sealants Do not loosen the leads in this area. Battery cable making poor contact Load excessive e.

Standard Atmospheric Pressure Absolute Pv: Engine Stop Switch 3. Battery 12 V 10 Ah 7. Overall Height 1 mm Do not re- move the muffler while it is hot.

Engine Oil and Oil Filter Vacuum Pressure Gauge to Sensor Pl: Oxygen Sensor Heater Equipped Models: Service Code 51, 52 Stick Coil 1: Battery 12 V 10 Ah 2. Tighten the axle nut to the proper torque and install a new cotter pin.


locate a dealer

Battery 12 V 10 Ah 5. Enter text from picture: This will burn out the diodes on the electrical parts.

Clamps Hold the rear brake hose. Fix the rear brake reservoir tank to the battery case.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 — Owner’s Manual

Use this table for only the bolts and nuts which do not require a specific torque value. Torque – Oil Filter: Clutch Lever and Cable Hook Hold the main harness.

Ninja absEr-6fEr-6f abs. Torque – Speed Sensor Bracket Bolts: If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean it carefully. Starter Circuit Relay E: An imbalance of less than 10 grams 0.