Desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is a rare variant of ameloblastoma, and less than patients have been reported in the literature. The present case. Abstract Ameloblastoma is a rare odontogenic neoplasm of the mandible and maxilla, with multiple histologic variants, and high recurrence. AMELOBLASTOMA Dr. Deepak K. Gupta Dr. Deepak K. Gupta B.D.S. (Gold Medalist).

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Plexiform ameloblastoma is one of the variant of ameloblastoma, with specific histopathological features. It manifests as unilocular or multilocular radiolucencies in the mandible or maxilla.

In very rare cases, it can appear as a localized periradicular radiolucent area and imitate an endodontic lesion. Reported here is a rare case of plexiform ameloblastoma in an uncommon location, which was misdiagnosed as periapical lesion of ameooblastoma origin and treated endodontically. Surgical enucleation was followed and diagnosis of plexiform ameloblastoma was confirmed on histological grounds.


Ameloblastoma; plexiform ameloblastoma; periapical lesion; unilocular lesion.

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Ameloblastoma | Bone Cancer Research Trust

Chapter 15, 3 rd ed. A possible pitfall in periapical diagnosis. This article has been cited by. Series of Case Reports and Review of Literature. Related articles Ameloblastoma; plexiform ameloblastoma; periapical lesion; unilocular lesion. Online since 10 th June,