A review of Clock Without Hands, a novel by Carson McCullers, author also of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and A Member of the Wedding. Clock Without Hands Pa [Carson McCullers] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set in Georgia on the eve of court-ordered integration, Clock . Editorial Reviews. Review. The greatest prose writer that the South produced She has Clock Without Hands: A Novel – Kindle edition by Carson McCullers.

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I thought I had read all of her books, but hadn’t heard of this one. But then we get to Sherman Pew. Clock Without Hands reads like a plan for a novel or a flattened first draft, not the perfected expression of handds writer who possesses moral concern and aesthetic awareness. Mar 22, Kyle rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Thanks for a very evocative review.

Notify me of new posts via email. I think it must have been my mistake in thinking it was unfinished. Showing of 31 reviews. In fact, she kills her two decent characters not members of the rich, white, southern good ol’ boy South while saving the rich white folks. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Jester befriends a local black boy, Sherman Pew, a bright, confident and articulate orphan who, as a baby, was left abandoned on a church pew.

The mcullers 17 year old grandson, who was naive and confused about his sexuality. A story of fear, intolerance, and violence, the novel features a rich and interesting cast of characters that quickly draws you in and a terrible building tension that keeps the pages turning. His grandson and the young drinking companion, who make up the central quartet of characters, are oddly portrayed through their dialogue hhands children — so much so that I had to flip back through the novel to check how old they were supposed to be.

She was then in her early twenties, and had already suffered the first of a series of strokes. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

When their own memories of the clokc prove to be too imperfect to give them shelter, they simply adopt a more reassuring history of events and believe in that instead. I wholeheartedly recommend this one! So this is just tedious and mildly distressing for the reader but nothing too tough. I truly think after reading this, its confirmation that she’s definitely one of the greatest prose writers I’ve ever read.


At points, it almost seems like she is trying to hard to push the race, death, isolation and time elements and themes into our face. He listens carefully to the problems of his customers, dispenses advice, and refers them to the doctor when he feels it is appropriate.

It is a tale, as McCullers herself wrote, of “response and responsibility–of man toward his own handz. A great wedge of this novel is him whinging and whining and pontificating and boring always boring on and on about whatever he handw like for a page or so, yakking one of the other three into the ground about plans to revive Confederate money or why his wife was the best of all wives or collard greens or why races should not be educated together — that kind of stuff.

Although I have now had two days to think about it, I find it no easier or pleasant than right after reading Clock Without Hands to say why it is a poor, unconvincing, and wholly regrettable novel.

In any case, I was able to relate to Malone and his peripheral and long-drawn out dying because Malone, in spite of his condition, has memorable moments: However I have decided that October will be American lit month in my life at least!

Clock Without Hands by Carson McCullers (review) | JacquiWine’s Journal

I’m surprised there wasn’t more controversy. I expect Carson McCullers must have thought more than most about dying having been ill all her life. Besides this, the prose and imagery are incredibly vivid. To miss one is to deprive oneself of awe and wonder. The interactions and coversations come across as stage managed and unlikely-the judge as an omnipient powerful statesman and lawyer seems undermined as he allows Jester and then his black ‘amanuensis’ Sherman Pew to insult him with no rebuke, yet by the end of the book McCullers has left you with a complete picture of a corrupt and dying south.

He tried to twist the words to his own reason. Summary In the early ‘s, Milan, Georgia is a racially divided town where secrets are plentiful and the meaning of justice is muddled. An 18 year old negro orphan with a completely unbelievable personality for the place and time, and a liar of some magnitude. Malone, owner of the local pharmacy, learns that he is suffering from leukaemia and is given only twelve to fifteen months to live.


Quotes from Clock Without Hands.

Clock Without Hands by Carson McCullers

It sounds really compelling, especially when you consider that at the time the book was reading, these issues were still unresolved as if they are now… ahem! Interested to hear what you think of the ones you have on your shelf as when you get them, Seamus.

As the book opens Malone is informed that he is fatally ill with leukemia. Not my favorite Mc Cullers but worthwhile reading that takes on a lot of tough subjects, especially for that period, racial injustice, sexuality, and last and not least mortality Read reviews that mention without hands clock without heart is a lonely lonely hunter carson mccullers black man old south old judge small town blue-eyed negro judge orphaned grandson pharmacist dying judge clane jester death sherman suicide father lives southern.

Instead she studied writing at Columbia University, which ultimately led to The Heart Is a Lonely Hunterthe carso that made her an overnight literary sensation.

Many of the interiors and some of wiyhout exteriors were done in Italy. After I finished the novel, which ultimately offers a promising, hopeful call for equality, I felt restless and I couldn’t really figure out what to do with myself for a while. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. By doing this- she helps you understand completely- even empathize- with the most despicable character.

I can relate to that experience of being made to read something as a child or teenager, and I suspect many of us have encountered something similar.

That being said, I see how McCullers tries to tie everything together in some ways in symbolic form at the end.