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High voltage, gas insulated electric switchgear equipped with an arc short-circuiting device. The system has a disconnection device 5 with disconnection units 6 for three power supply phases 3. The torsion spring 21 put into abutment the hook 19 against the bridge 13c when the trigger 18 is in the armed position, and switches the gate 18 to its withdrawn position when the locking device 13 is in the release position, for passing the disconnection members 6 Conditions connected to the disconnected state.

The transformer 1 is is a three-phase transformer transforming e. Protection system according to claim 4, wherein the fault detection system comprises a pressure sensor 16 adapted to control the short-circuit device 10 to the closed state when a pressure is greater than a predetermined pressure, said pressure sensor 16 for detecting an overpressure in the electrical transformer.

Protection system according to the preceding claim, wherein: Protection system according to claim 4, wherein the fault detection system comprises a level sensor 15 adapted to control the short-circuiting device 10 to the closed state when a level is below a predetermined level, said level detector 15 for detecting a dielectric liquid level fault in the electrical transformer.

The present invention aims to provide a protection system for a polyphase electrical transformer with fewer components, thus less expensively, while ensuring a high level of security. Since the protection system according to the invention comprises only two fuses, the short-circuit device 10 bypasses only two terminals, the terminals 8b, 9b.

Protection system according to one of the preceding claims, further comprising a fault detection system, and a short-circuiting device 10 having: Security device for a switching apparatus made by the assembly of several removable modular elements. Improved device protecting against internal faults in a three-phase transformer. The electrical transformer according to the preceding claim comprising a protection system having a disconnecting device between the feed phase 3 at the input of the transformer and the safety device 7.

The rear face 13a is adapted to be pushed in the longitudinal direction X by one of the fingers 8d, 9d 20 impactorsso that the locking device 13 tilts about the first axis Y1 between the locking position and the release position when one of said finger moves in the longitudinal direction X.


The tripha terminal a tube is a socket.

The third phase is not provided with the fuses, and the disconnection device is provided such that the unit of the third phase not provided with the fuses is displaced from the connected state to the disconnected state after the two phases. Protection system according to claim 1 or claim 2 35, wherein each fuse 8, 9 comprises a firing pin adapted to control the dispositifde blocking 13 when said fuse is activated when an electrical current of the phase of said fuse exceeds a predetermined electric current.

A torsion spring 21 comprises at least one leg 21a rests against the support 20, a coil 21b around the second axis Y2, and a branch 21c in abutment against the hook 19 of the trigger Protection system according to one of claims 8 to 10, wherein the resilient member 21 is a torsion spring having one arm 21a bearing against the support, another branch 21c bearing against the trigger, and at least one winding 21b about the second transverse axis Y2.

Optionally the plugs and sockets are reversed, or other removable connection members are used.

Meaning of “transformateur” in the French dictionary

The conductive element is activated, that is to say, broken, when the electrical current through the fuse exceeds a predetermined current. The invention also relates to an electrical transformer comprising a plurality of input power phases of said transformer, an active portion for converting electric power supplied to the transformer, such as a voltage change, and a protection system as defined above, connected in series between the power transformer phase and said active portion.

French words that begin with tr. Protection system according to one of claims 8 to 12, wherein the bridge 13c is equipped with a roller 13e for limiting friction with the hook 19 when the locking device 13 passes from the locking position to the release position. Protection system according to claim 1, wherein the disconnection device 5 is upstream of the safety device 7.

exercices de systeme triphase et transformateur et redressement

The safety device 7 is thus located downstream of said disconnect device 5. Load a random word. The three supply phases comprise a first, a second and a third feed phase. As can be seen in Figure 4, each lever arm accommodates a cable corresponding to a phase. Protection for a three-phase distribution transformer immersed in a dielectric fluid.

If the level is below a predetermined level, the level detector 15, 35 controls the short-circuit device 10 to a closed state wherein the terminals 8b and 9b are electrically connected. Modular electrical apparatus with connecting terminals protected by an insulating plate.


Ledit crochet 19 vient en prise avec le pontet 13c en l’entourant partiellement et en traversant l’ouverture 14, lorsque le dispositif de blocage 13 est en position de blocage. A third cable fixed to the third lever arm comprises a first end corresponding to the downstream terminal of b disconnect device 5 and a second end connected to the primary winding Synonyms and antonyms of transformateur in the French dictionary of synonyms.

The short-circuiting device 10 is initially normally open, that is to say it does not connect the terminals 8b and 9b downstream fuses 8 and 9. An electrical transformer comprising: French words that begin with tra. The pressure sensor 16 measures the pressure of the liquid dielectric contained in the electrical transformer.

Will be called in the following description, by the term 25 upstream, a member located on the phases towards the input of the transformer, and the downstream end, an element situated on the head of the output stages transformer. In this way, the third switch disposed on the phase having no fuse changes from the connected state to the disconnected state, while the other phases are already totally disconnected and that the current in the third phase is already low.

In addition, the disconnection elements 6 are designed so as to change state at different instants of time as a single command of the locking device 13 for the locking device 13 can be operated with low mechanical stress and very quickly.

Unlike the prior art, the phases at the input of the disconnection device 5 corresponding to the trriphas upstream a, a, a are transformateeur directly to the power supply phases 3. Tout le monde maintient ses marges, collecteur, transformateurdistributeur. As can be seen in Figure 2, each fuse 8, 9 comprises two conductive ends, the upstream terminals 8a, 9a and downstream terminals 8b, 9b an insulating outer casing 8c, 9c in the form of a tube.

EP discloses an example of such a protection system 30 comprising a disconnection device and a security device comprising three fuses. Protection system according to claim 9, wherein at least the cable of the fuse without phase has a strand between the lever arm and the second member of a length longer than the other strands of the other phases so delaying disconnection of said devoid of fuse phase.

Alternatively, the electric transformer includes a protection system having a disconnecting device between the input power supply phases of the transformer and the safety device.