NORMA COVENIN (Review ). YEAR: Approved December 9, Reviewed March GENERAL REMARKS: The Norm is mandatory by law. COVENIN 82 seismic code and seismic risk analysis data were used to construct the response spectrum. Furthermore, the earthquake time duration. Mapa de zonificación sísmica para el Occidente de Venezuela, Norma Covenin En general, los valores predichos por la Norma para estas ciudades.

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Nonetheless, and as it is not possible to generalise for all these cases, it is recommended the Therefore, for the first analyses, it is best if Only consider the final state is activated. In order to evaluate the capacity curve two of the main structural parameters are taken into account. Then, a new load increase is applied. Through the use of mathematical models and computational tools, seismic behavior of the building is obtained in a suitable way.

Consider all intermediate cracking and fracture states By choosing this option, CYPECAD considers all the states State 1, State 2 and Intermediate states that have been generated when designing the structure. The structure was designed and detailed for a high ductility value response reduction factor of 6.

In Figure 3 are shown the Venezuelan rigid-soil elastic design spectrum with the response spectra obtained from the synthetic accelerograms. This analysis results are plotted in a displacement vs. These are generated automatically depending on a fracture criterion which relates the damage suffered by an element with the relative displacement of its ends.

Some non-braced frames showed high probability of severe damage or collapse, suffering significant stiffness degradation and lateral deformations beyond normative limits, evidencing that relative displacements and stiffness degradation are fundamental indicators for structural damage.

Mariama Njie –

This number will clvenin which is the final state, if this state is not covenun before the maximum number of iterations has been undertaken. According to results obtained, interstorey drifts in 2D and 3D modeled buildings differ greatly from each other, for this reason it is important to take into account the 3D analysis in order to evaluate the drifts of buildings, because irregularities can produce lateral displacements that does not match with the obtained in 2D analysis.


The capacity curves were normalized according to the weight of the buildings in order to unify the comparative criteria. Table 5 presents the values of Pp of all the frames covenln evaluated buildings. More information on the determination of the fundamental period of the structure. However, the uncertainties associated with the definition of accelerograms used in these analysis and properties of coplanar structural models can be reduced with the implementation of the dynamic 3D analysis because there are considered factors associated with structural redundancy and are used more actual values in covenln of rigidity of resistant structural lines.

March 20th DOI: Thus, the sections of the structural elements of OB are insufficient to properly control the damage caused by seismic forces.

Assessment method The Quadrants Method is based on the results of the non-linear static analysis Pushover analysis. Coveniin, Venezuela saber udo. It is evident that for the accelerograms used, the maximum torsional moments occurs in the extreme columns and in the columns located in the intersection of the structure.

Seismic Evaluation of Low Rise RC Framed Building Designed According to Venezuelan Codes

This option is deactivated when the IFC is created as a single building. Damage evaluation included probabilistic approach and procedures were applied from the Incremental Dynamic Analysis and the Parametric Capacity Model. In this case the 1765 are the subject of the main intervention. In Figure 13 have been plotting torsional moments in function of time for the four combinations, where nodes appointed by n until the n are corresponding to supports, while Figure 14 shows the maximum torsional moment range for each column from three-dimensional analysis.

The normalized information is the so-called elastic response spectrum, which provides the maximum response acceleration for a linear system of a degree of freedom. Users have to activate the Interaction with the structure option located at the top. Unbalanced loads are applied again until it can satisfy a convergence criterion.

Seismic upgrade requires the evaluation or predictions of the expected damage to structures at the time of an earthquake of a certain severity occur. Gran Mariscal con calle Kennedy Edif. A modal spectral analysis of the model produces a relative displacement between the ends of each construction element which, upon applying the fracture criterion, is interpreted as being a specific level of damage.


The Interaction of the structure with the construction elements module allows users to consider the effect the non-structural elements have on coveniin structure during an earthquake and as of the Thus, this paper presents a proposal for the generation of an artificial accelerogram compatible with a coveinn response spectrum.

This way, the automatic generation of intermediate states option will be available to them. The Quadrants Method can provide an objective criterion in order to upgrade the seismic capacity of a structure.

The Quadrants Method is based on the results 17566 the non-linear static analysis Pushover analysis. From the obtained capacity curves there were computed the Performance point Pp of every frame of each evaluated building.

The thresholds have been computed from characteristic values of three levels of damage proposed in [ 15 ] and are showed in Table 2. These will be implemented in an upcoming version. Structural ductility for each evaluated building values are presented in Table 5.

This study used a mechanical method that involves non-linear analysis with deterministic and probabilistic approaches, as well as procedures of analysis based on Limits States defined by displacements [ 6 ], in order to evaluate the behavior of a low rise RC building with plan irregularity, designed according to Venezuelan codes [ 7 ]-[ 9 ] and subjected to seismic action effect.

Using this option, users can consult the relative displacement and associated damage, per generated state and seismic loadcase of each construction element. A second model was designed adjusted to seismic performance requirements formulated by Herrera et al. Now with the Built by scientists, for scientists.