Coyle J.J., Bardi E.J., Langley C.J. (), The Management of Business Logistics –. A Supply [w:] Kolasińska-Morawska K., “Zarządzanie logistyczne”, Wyd. Results 1 – 20 of 20 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Edward-J-Bardi books online. Free delivery John J Coyle Zarzadzanie logistyczne. on Neural Networks – Conference Proceedings, January 1, vol. 5, pp. – () 8. Coyle, J.J., Bardi, E.J., Langley Jr., C.J.: Zarządzanie logistyczne.

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Zum Schluss des Artikels werden die Auswirkungen von modernen Technologien auf den Informationsaustausch beschrieben.

Zarzadzanie logistyczne – Coyle bardi langley pdf

South-Western, Thomson Learning, 7th ed. In order to take barci maximum advantage of the opportunities given by logistic supply networks, it is necessary to create an effectively operating system encompassing all factors affecting the flow of goods, money and information within the network. Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, Warszawa When adopting that approach the receiver may aim at joining operational management procedures with the supplier’s system.

Preparing the document of an individual order is preceded by the process of verification of the required parts in order to establish their catalogue code, taking into consideration construction changes for a given type and year of a given tractor or a lotistyczne machine. Kinds of orders made by a commercial company in the National Logistic Centre of the manufacturer and a procedure compulsory for ordering spare parts for individual needs of a customer have been characterised.

Logistic tasks in the procedure of performing warranty and post-warranty services by the Service Department as well as the procedure of spare parts supply, necessary for the fulfilment of accepted orders, have been presented. In conclusion, it should be stressed that the supply network efficiency depends on its weakest link. Information, Lieferkette, Logisitiknetz, Logistikstrategie, konfrontativer Ansatz, kooperatives Verhalten, Peitscheneffekt, Informationsaustausch.

Supplying the stocks is generated in the IT system after reaching the safety level by spare parts and it takes a form of timely orders or special order.

Supply Chain Logistics Management. All applied solutions are to improve the flow of materials and information as well as to optimize activities designed to gain competitive advantage.

It means that the following processes: All above-mentioned tools which facilitate supply network functioning operate on the basis of the kogistyczne data exchange system zarzdzannie should include the information which features the following criteria:.

A Supply Chain Perspective. Operational co-operation is based on the full information exchange between the supply network links the aim of which is to share the responsibility for the bardj risks. The purchaser or contractor designs the final product and the methods of its manufacturing. After finishing subject, student is able to present and practically use, for specific case, tools and techniques that improves logistics processes After finishing subject, student is able to evaluate self-made improvements of logistics processes in organizational and economical aspect.


Of course it is possible to minimize possible discrepancies between the forecast and real demand e. It results from the fact that logistycze distance is no longer vitally important. The process of forecasting itself may be done in various ways lotistyczne. One of such solutions is the so-called e-commerce. Consequently, manufacturers must know the features of desired products as proper products must be delivered in proper quantity and of proper quality, in proper place and at a proper time, and at acceptable costs.

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Accepting the order results in its immediate transfer to the National Logistic Centre via email. One should realize that information may be encountered in every aspect of supply network operation starting from offers, orders or other commercial documents, and ending with financial settlements, complaints or returns.

The increase in the consumers’ spending power is the next factor affecting the observed changes. The object of the research is a company running authorised distribution of agricultural tractors and machines, spare parts and services of products. The reliability of information on the other hand depends on the properties of the input and output signals, codes and used equipment.

Fast deliveries of small consignments Optimal localization of product range Avoiding rendering additional services Low volume of stocks. There are three basic forms of co-operative relations that is to say:. The longest route pertains to the situation when the order is placed via email directly to the factory producing a given model.

Konfrontative Beziehungen und kooperative Beziehungen. It is used for performing all non-key processes outside the enterprise. The same applies to the location of factories, logistic centres or even whole sales networks, after-sale maintenance service points, etc. The tractor can also be ordered from the National Logistic Centre or from other company’s supplies, if the company constitutes an element logistycne the distribution ccoyle.

Zarzadzanie logistyczne – John Joseph Coyle, C. John Langley, Edward J. Bardi – Google Books

Moreover, due to the general trend of the increase in the probability of error occurrence the longer the forecast time, the fastest the information system created to deliver the information on the demand.


A logistic supply network structure Rys. Main areas of potential conflicts between industry and commerce Tabela 1. Shop advertisement Taking care of preferential treatment of the shop Localization of the product make according to the product range Promotion steered by the commerce Increasing the loyalty towards the shop. Furthermore, information exchange systems must ensure that the defined logistic goals are realized. As a result of such processes the expectations of final customers are changing as well.

Logistics service quality as a segment-customized process. There are also other types of solutions such as t-commerce cable and satellite television or m-commerce telephone commerce. Of course, the success of the adopted strategy depends on many factors. Creation of the point-of-sale image The best possible permanent offer of products Forcing brand name Policy of low prices Forcing additional discounts. Entities try to protect themselves against the demand uncertainty and changes by using forecasting.

Large orders Advantageous localization of own products on the shelf The best possible array of additional services Expecting the commerce readiness to accept deliveries.

Supply networks are created by joining independent supply chains through which products and services travel from the place of supplying in raw materials and components needed for production up to the place of their consumption.

Relatively small changes in the demand of the final consumers increase together with the increase in the information flow. The participation bardu employees in the process of technical completion is aimed at eliminating barvi and mistakes at the preliminary stage of the order.

The author discusses the role of information and information exchange in logistic supply network strategies. Creation of the trade mark image A wide array of product innovations Forcing producers’ trade mark Policy of high prices Elimination of too-high margins. Information exchange limitations lead to slowing down or disturbing or even stopping the product flow. Finally, two basic types of relations as far as the interrelations between network links are concerned are enumerated: However, all of them are dependent on the information system operation.