Biología y cultivo en Cucurbita pepo, C. maxima, C. moschata, C. argyrosperma. Si su cultivo Cucurbita pepo “Zapallo de Halloween” o en las regiones donde no se utiliza el término zapallo, “calabaza de Halloween”. Es un zapallo. En Argentina los nombres son: zapallo, zapallito, calabaza o anco, zucchini. La planta de las 3(4) especies de zapallo es anual, se siembra en primavera, y se .. a Lima donde cuesta 6 o 7 veces más caro que el zapallo macre, el común . Buenas tardes,las semillas de este zapallo vinieron de alemania, se las Zapallo Duro; Zapallo Guachio; Zapallo Iqueno; Zapallo Macre.

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This landrace has low yield and high variability for plant and fruit characteristics Giaconi and Escaff, Cucurbita moschata “avinca”, nombre comercial? Galaxy of Stars are in the shape of a 5 point star, with many colors and can be mechanically washed. Cucurbita pedatifolia Ee comunes registrados fuera de la zona de estudio: The fruits of the Texas gourd are round to oval with a volume of ml and typically contain seeds that weigh mg Winsor et al.

Importante en Nigeria y alrededores. It was selected for better fruit shape from the heirloom cultivar ‘Canada Crookneck’ and introduced by the Breck Seed Company in PepitoriaSaquil Guatemala Shaquila Guatemala. Coevolution of Cucurbitaceae and Luperini Coleoptera: Gene flow in squash species. However, while hull-less ones are used mostly for oil extraction and sprinkled on macrs and breads, the hulled seeds are consumed mostly as a confection.


Cucurbita ficifolia is widely grown at high elevations but only for home use and is less commonly brought to markets. Algunos cultivares como ‘Flat’ “aplanado”‘Miniature Ball’ “pelota en miniatura” y ‘Pear’ “pera” difieren poco de las variedades silvestres. Ejemplo Tobar Tosee et al.

Variedades de calabazas y zapallos en Estados Unidos

With a fantastic array of shapes, patterns, and colors, this wildly warted gourd mix is great fun for the family garden, and a high demand item for market. Cucurbita pepo hullness or semihullness group, “oil-pumpkin” o Styriala var. Menciona que tanto C. Anquito Cokena amarillo completo o con rayas verdes, piriforme Waltham Butternut: Plants of the same F1 hybrid the result of a deliberate repeatable single cross between two pure-bred lines may form a cultivar.

Existen diferentes propuestas para agrupar los cultivares comerciales. International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. Darwinianaresulta que estaba online. Nice mixture of bright striped, mottled, multicolored fruits. But at the other extreme, they are also cultivated in arid regions where there may be only a brief wet season just enough for stand establishment. Descriptive list of vegetable varieties introduced between and by public and private breeders in North America.

Dice que cuando el vendedor no tiene loches de buena calidad te vende otros zapallos de pulpa naranja como si fueran loche.

We never use pepo squash like the standard Halloween pumpkin. No hay enlace web. Fruit size varies from as short as 12cm under dry conditions to 60cm long and weighing 20kg in cloud forests; roadside vendors have reported specimens of up to cm long. Cuando tenga que trasladar las calabazas de un lugar a otro, evite cortarlas y golpearlas.


The South African cultivar ‘Little Gem’ is a miniature pumpkin having a smooth, thin, but lignified rind. It is also the predominant squash in most of the mid-altitudinal regions. It is completely inter-fertile with the cultivated pumpkins and squashes C. A farmer-based approach to conserving crop germplasm.

Maintenance of Cuktivo Cucurbita sp. How distinct these are from other moschatas has not been determined.

Cultivo de Calabazas – Calabazas y Más – Extensión de la Universidad de Illinois

When the two subspecies are grown in the same vicinity, they frequently produce hybrid progeny, and the F1 progeny zapllo highly viable and fertile Quesada et al. Multi-colored, striped version of the Crown of Thorns. Large, fluted, acorn-type fruits have ten finger-like ribs, that come to points at the end of each squash. University of Illinois Extension.

Sechium edule “papa del aire”. Gourd – LagenariaLists Combined.

Zapallo desconocido

Korzaniewska A, Niemirowicz-Szczytt K. The seeds are most commonly black or dark brown, a color not found in any other species of Cucurbita. Horticultural groups of cucurbits. Molecular systematics and crop evolution.

Flora del Valle de Lerma. In my survey, other fruit characteristics were found. The small gourds measure 2.