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Contact your deltta or refer to the installation guide. Absent mode for an unspecified period. Sets the day H button: Press OK to confirm and go to the next program step. So, I have the thermostat device of course to “drive” the boiler. So it is a Deltia 8.

Next step, PHP script to drive heaters online Heating anticipation must have been programmed by the installer when the energy manager was put into service. For others, my heaters are now driven since 2 days by my RFbee connected to Raspberry pi My Deltia emmitter is turned off in manual mode Python Planning script is working fine. From the absent mode, press the button PROG. Wifi modules are also a good solution, you can find some for starvox 5 Euro in china and you will be able to plug an USB dongle directly on Raspberry Pi.



etarbox Repeat for each day to be copied. Press to choose the mode: Press to select the operation: Repeat the steps to set the month and day. Press button J as many times as necessary to select the day to copy.

TYDOM type telephone remote control Remote control of the heating, hot water tank and control systems. I don’t know if this code will help. See Delta dore documentation for this For better result, you must put your Deltia Emitter near your DVB stick less than 1 meter if you don’t have any antena, maybe about 1 meter and more if you have an antena SixK.

User guide STARBOX F03 |

I understand that RFBee alone can;t do that? You can move easily from one program to another by pressing the corresponding button.

Here is my latest excel working file: This should help to validate some assumptions and learn a bit more on X2D protocol. If you do not want to apply the program to ddlta next day, press J to select deltz day, M button: But don’t expect too much, it’s not clear about what can be done.


For a good Temperature regulation you will probably have to use a PID library: So, the idea was to put wireless temperature sensors in each room e.

Lifestyle 1 or to select the zone. There is a problem with the sensor installation.

Electric heating control

The control system display is flashing. I know that Deltia dwlta can be associated with at least 2 areas, but I don’t know if it can be associated with 2 areas from 2 differents houses Deltia emitter house Id. My goal here being to replace the thermostat and have a raspberry decide when to switch the boiler on and off?

Access to the 1st program step. The heating zones or control systems were not declared when the unit was put into service.

I only use 14 first bytes from messages sent by Deltia starboxx. The word “HEAT” is flashing. I have a Deltia from Delta Dore that switches my boiler on and off, with the thermostat sending orders according to temperature.

Only tested devices are Deltia 1.

The zone display is flashing.