Into the Storm has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: Matt Ready and the crew of the USS Walker are on the run from the Japanese when they fin. Into The Storm is the first book of the Destroyermen series of alternate history novels by Taylor Anderson. The main setting of the series is the four-stacker USS . In Into the Storm, the story begins during the Second Battle of the Java Sea. The USS Walker (DD) is a destroyer of the United.

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They are so mindlessly violent, in fact, that it seems incredible they could even take the time to learn how to operate sailing ships. Once the shock of the new world wears off, or at least becomes a secondary concern, the team find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Lemurians cat monkey people from Madagascar and teh crazy ass Lizard people from Contents [ show ].

This Earth is relatively the same geographically as the one they left, but evolution took a different turn eons ago.

Or, perhaps, Anderson has spent greater care with the characterization of the non-human characters, expecting the reader to relate more to the humans, thus not really fleshing them out, but putting more effort into the non-human characters so that the reader will be able to relate to them despite their non-human nature.

Anderson is engaged in his work, and it’s obviousness in this case makes the book greater than the sum of its parts. We get to experience some of teh fights. Book 10 was published in May Jan 14, Donna rated it really liked it Shelves: And cat peo At a glance: It’s a well done for Anderson, but, if you are sensitive to foul language, though you might not notice it because there isn’t much of it, you might pick up on the few uses of those words here. It’s truly as if they are on an alternate world where the dinosaurs never went extinct and evolution took an entirely different path.

The destroyer USS Walkerfellow destroyer USS Mahanand a handful of other, older, outdated ships are among the few that managed to survive the terrible bombings the Japanese did on Philippine ports. Nothing wrong with hungry cannibalistic humanoid bastards that eat anything and everything.


I chose to rate the book with four stars because of its plot and its intriguing worldbuilding, although it is more like 3.

Fleeing the Phillipines a fleet of US destroyers, including USS Wlaker and Mahan apparently this is all historical truth are engaged against the odds to protect the Exeter. During a battle in WW2, a pair of WW1-era destroyers enter a mysterious storm and are transported to an alternate Earth where dinosaurs never went extinct and humans never evolved.

Aug 25, Gordon Lang rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lemurian fisherfolk report Grik in the vicinity of Baalkpan. Gradually Matt and his crew must accept the fact that they are in an alternate worldand they are not alone.

That made it easier for the captain to assess the situation.

That means a little time inside one of their heads, or, maybe through a captured sailor etc. The first one was better than I expected, so have been continuing the series.

Into the Storm

The first few chapters are extremely slow but anyone who loves military novels would love that part. Books by Taylor Anderson. But, instead of just focusing upon the “what” question Taylor Anderson obviously enjoys exploring the “how” or “why” questions.

It did interrupt the Japanese invasion fleet so, it wasn’t “unmitigated” I suppose. Reddy, who is over his head as a ship commander, is now tasked with raising a culture and industrial base to 20th Century standards, planning a war, or watching the men he loves go down before the tide of Grik that threatens to consume the world.

Its captain, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, knows that he and his crew are in dire straits. However, the Japanese forces detsroyermen range, and opened up on the small Allied fleet. That was really cool. Probably around the 3.

I liked the fact that the author thought about what the crew could desttoyermen know, and talked about the limits of decision making without good intelligence.

You’ll read a moderate amount of profanity here; these guys are a World War II destroyer crew, after all.

So, it’s not anti-Japanese or Asian or anybody. This granted a different perspective when a massive Grik the other sentient species assault force attacked a seagoing Lemurian Home think a floating, mobile, city right before the Walker arrived and blew the Grik to splinters. The Japanese were rampaging through those waters, destroying Allied Bases and defeating the elderly, outgunned and undermanned U.

Penguin Random House published River of Bonesthe thirteenth book in the series, in July to generally favorable reviews. Into the Storm may ultimately be a book for fun diversion and is not presented as anything morebut the book also reveals an active mind at work during its creation; this is the only true trait I demand from authors as a reader.


Hardcoverpages. Not long after coming out of the squall on the other side, the crew realizes that it has entered some kind of other world or a parallel universe of some kind. Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen series is no exception; while he adds a Sci Fi twist to it, everything about this series is historically accurate and correct, sort of.

While there are a few overly convienent co-incidences in that make things a little easier like the fact that one of the passengers just happens to have oil surveys of the region, and the oil is all in the same place, or that both races speak a bit of an Earth language, due to a previous visit by an East India Company ship it’s a great story, with engaging characters, and fun alternate history.

The Saurians are slaughtering and eating the defeated and that includes any destroyermen who wander into their way.

Walker sorties and sinks a Grik ship, although Reddy wants to capture it. For the rest, read the book please. The Americans agree that they are going to have to drag the Lemurians into the modern age. It is possible to find shades of Star Trek here, though Reddy is really more a Picard than a Kirk, and the crew of the Walker is vestroyermen rougher than the crew of destroyerrmen Enterprise I have encountered so far.

I was fascinated to see that the author is a forensic ballistic archeologist- I never knew such a thing existed, and how cool is that!?

Into the Storm (Destroyermen, #1) by Taylor Anderson

Strange animals showed up, there might or might not destroyermsn been time travel, the ship’s crew wasn’t sure, so I wasn’t either. I love historical fiction, especially if it is well thought out and we researched. Mini dinosaurs and giant sea critters should have been the main point though.

Destroyermen by Taylor Anderson”.