Didžioji knygos veiksmo dalis vyksta Ramiojo Vandenyno Valstijose. Robert Childan, „Amerikos meninių rankdarbių“ įmonės savininkas, pardavinėja. 8 lapkr. Hard Times – For These Times (commonly known as Hard Times) is the tenth novel by Charles Dickens, first published in The book. leidžia šią knygą laikyti reikšmingu Šilutės krašto istoriografiniu veikalu. abejoję senųjų dievų galia gavo ja įtikėti, kai didžioji kalno dalis kartu su buvusio aukuro . rengė lietuvių k. ir rašybos, namų ruošos ir rankdarbių kursus.

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This book and the series that follows is endearing, troublesome, and whole-heartedly compassionate. Kjyga treatment of women being the main hurdle – all women are below men in status, expected to cook for the men, never to ignore a direct order from a man This was a great pick! They also have some kind of mystical abilities to access and share the memories of their ancestors stored in their own minds.

Žmogus aukštoje pilyje – Vikipedija

Still, perhaps if writing action is not her forte, Auel’s decision to avoid it could have been a wise one. Creb is this group’s “Mog-ur” or shaman, despite being deformed as a result of the difficult birth resulting from his abnormally large head and the later loss of an arm and eye after being attacked by a cave bear.

The character dramas are very well done, and the lack of action does allow more time to appreciate the wondrous natural environment in which Ayla moves, although I still maintain that the best novels contain a little of everything. When did you see her go into the cave?

View all 3 comments. But you may feel the need at times to alternately roll your eyes, hurl the book across the room, or punch something. View all 12 comments. But the brutal and proud youth who is destined to become their next leader sees her differences as a threat to his authority.


The rest remain interesting if you can deal with the const The thing that strikes me most about her work is that every time there’s a new discovery about how paleolithic people lived, it goes along with her stories. What was the world like before?

I wonder, though, how far it is into the series before her turn to Mary Sue-ism comes is complete. I liked the differences that she accented between Clan and Others: It was weird at first, but I got used to it after the third or forth time she did it and thought of them as sort of footnotes written into the text.

I loved how she learned to hunt with a sling, and I liked how she became a good medicine woman, how she would drop everything to try to save someone’s life.

In that regard, it’s obvious that she did her research, but I felt the depiction could have been done better; maybe if the prose weren’t so purple, or if she didn’t describe the same caves, valleys, and plants over and over again, I wouldn’t have minded so much.

Gender roles are the most obvious; against the backdrop of the male- dominated Clan, Ayla makes a lived-out case for a genuine feminism of the equalitarian rather than male-bashing sort that argues for social roles based on demonstrated ability and interests, not gender. That it was even possible had never occurred to her; it was totally beyond her realm of experience.

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Frankly, Auel gets points simply for tackling this period, as I have not found any other books set around this era. As time progresses The Clan become accustomed to the different girl, and she integrates. This is a white man’s burden fantasy writ large, and not writ very well. Though none of them have reviewed it, a dozen of my Goodreads friends have given it ratings, ranging from one star to five. Around the Year i Yes, there were some parts but there always seem to have those in books I read!


Didioji amount of research it must have taken to complete this book is impressive. Auel mines a great deal of tension by pitting Ayla against Broud, the rankvarbiu son of Brun and heir apparent to the clan’s leadership who is deeply offended by Ayla’s ways and engages her in a battle of wills. If anything about the story bugged me, it would be the sudden departures into talking about mixing medicines.

The Clan of the Cave Bear

She khyga aimlessly, naked and xidzioji to feed herself, for several days. Lovers of mammoths, lovers of mammoth novels, lovers with mammoth attention spans. Life is very precarious in the primitive, prehistorical times, the hunter- gatherers humansdo not survive for long, a continuous struggle, to keep warm, get an adequate amount of food and shelter, escape unknown illnesses, with no cures, safety doesn’t exist, there is little compassion for strangers, especially from the “Others”.

Honestly, I didn’t love it and I didn’t read all the sequels, although I remember my friends chatting about it.

Ayla grows up among the clan and struggles to find her place. The idea of animal totems in clan belief was a very interesting and striking one, although it serves largely as a plot device.

I am desperate to know what happens to Ayla Honestly, I could go on for quite some time with all the things I completely loved about this book but I think I’ll finish by saying it’s great and you should read it for yourself.

I edited this review slightly just now, to delete one accidental dittography.