Spells: A duskblade casts arcane spells, which are drawn from the duskblade spell list on page Duskblade spells unique to this book appear on a spell list. 18 items Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Duskblade level 1 spells. More spell Player’s Handbook II · Supplementals (). The Duskblade’s spell list is stealthily hiding on p. 24 of Players Handbook 2, after the sample starting package. The 0th level spells are listed.

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Yes With a successful touch attack, the Duskblade can deal 2 points of elemental damage for every caster levels he possesses. This spell has a subtype that is the same as the energy created by the target weapon. Beginning at 3rd level, you can use a standard lkst to cast any touch spell you know and deliver the spell through your weapon with a melee attack.

Fighter — The classic Fighter 2 dip. If this spell is channeled through a two handed weapon, it deals an additional 1 dusskblade of ability score damage.

Index of Spells by Class – Duskblade

This sort of addresses the problem of the Duskblade spell list, but it slows the class down by a lot in terms of damage per round, and you have to be able to sneak attack in order to steal. Greatsword — Looking to bop people early on in the dusskblade My least favorite dip of the three, but still a decent dip. The atmosphere is clean, fresh, and warm. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Magic Weapon — Useful until you can afford a magic weapon.

If it reaches the ground in that amount of time, it lands safely. If this spell is channeled through a two-handed weapon, it deals an additional amount of elemental damage equal to the modifier of whatever ability score determines the damage the Duskblade deals with his melee weapon.


No This spell enables you to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement, such as paralysis, Solid Fog, Slow, and Web. Casting a spell in this manner does not provoke attacks of opportunity, and can only be done once per round. Highly recommended if you want to be a tougher melee opponent with more options. Duskblades can also learn and add new spells known to their repertoire in a manner similar to a Wizard; however, Dusiblade cannot learn or create new, damage-dealing touch spells outside of their Duskblade spell-list, as these spells are specific to being channeled through weaponry.

The place is furnished and contains sufficient foodstuffs to serve a nine-course banquet to six people per caster level.

Further, the subject can focus its vision to see into the Ethereal Plane but not into extradimensional spaces. Slightly cheezy, check with your DM. All spwll the hasted creature’s modes of movement including land movement, burrow, climb, fly, and swim increase by 30 feet, to a maximum of twice the subject’s normal speed using duuskblade form of movement. I was creating a duskblade with the Player’s Handbook 23.

on page 98 spells for the Duskblade are listed, but there are no level 0 spells to chose from This is the absolute last level that you should stay in the class if you have the option of multiclassing. The Duskblade determines which kind of elemental damage they wish to do when casting the duskbade. This class does have access to Desert Wind discipline, but the Warblade gets the Iron Heart discipline. Disguise — Not needed. A Duskblade can prepare 3 spells in such a fashion.

Polar ray does decent damage. If there is no free space within feet, you take an additional 2d6 points of damage and are shunted to a free space within 1, feet.

Comments on this single page only. Duskblade’s spell list Duskblades bore me until level 13 when they can channel with a full attack. Your spell dcs likely won’t be all that duksblade between their low spell lvs and an expected duskblae int scoreso I would try to stick to spells that generally do not offer saves if possible, because I would expect the PCs to lixt their saves reliably by this point. Delay entry until post-4 for best results. This spell does not predispose any creature addressed toward the subject in any way.


This would be black or blue if not for the totally useless prerequisite, Willing Deformity, which has its own obstacles. Not recommended as anything more than a short dip.

Duskblade is probably not the best class to use this spell, however — full casters are losing less to cast a third level spell. True Strike — Useful primarily if you are concerned about missing with a high level channeled spell.

SRD – Duskblade Spell List

Ignore Spell Resistance Ex: Their huge number of spells per day can be used to fuel other things. Not really for gishes. I decided to multiclass into wizard to get it. Sunday, 14th June, But, it gets better still. The Duskblade is no different.

Yes With a successful touch attack, the Duskblade can deal 2 points of temporary ability score damage. A threat range of 20 becomesa threat range of becomesand a threat range of becomes A staff of near-transparent servants as many as one per caster levelliveried and obedient, wait upon all who enter.

A much worse Grease at best. Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. These spells are NOT listed in the Duskblade spell list on p. The New World, Part 9: