He leaves us with the fact that we have touched upon two of many factors that were at work in the prehistory of novelistic discourse. According. Mikhail Bakhtin: From âThe Prehistory Of Novelistic Discourse’ Mikhail Bakhtin: from âThe Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse’Â I [. In his essay, “From the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse,” Mikhail Bakhtin offers a study of novelistic discourse that emphasizes the history.

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We speak of a special novelistic discourse because it is only in the novel that discourse can reveal all its specific potential and achieve its true depth. The stylistics of direct genres, of the direct poetic word, offer us almost no help in resolving these problems.

Novelistic discourse has a lengthy prehistory, going back centuries, even thousands of years. Rarely do these theoreticians focus on the notion of the comedy, specifically, and it was an interesting notion as to attribute it to the inception of the early novel.

Bakhtin: “From the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse” | Emily Fitzgerald’s Blog

Linguistic consciousness – parodying the direct word, direct style, exploring its limits, its absurd sides, the face specific to an discoirse – constituted itself outside this direct word and outside all its graphic and expressive means of representation. As a result, in the majority of these works on the novel, relatively minor stylistic variations – whether individual or characteristic of a particular school – have the effect of completely covering up the major stylistic lines determined by the development of the novel as a unique genre.

Prehistory is the oldest period in human History and lasted between the appearance of mankind ca. Several examples follow that bear witness to their wealth and special significance.

This is, for the creating consciousness, a highly peculiar position to find itself in with regard to language. It is characteristic that the Greeks were not at all embarrassed to attribute the authorship of the parodic work War between the Mice and the Frogs’ to Homer himself. Although they are impeccably structured as sonnets, we could never possibly assign them to the sonnet genre. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Parodic-travestying literature introduces the permanent corrective of laughter, of a critique on the one-sided seriousness of the lofty direct word, the corrective of reality that is always richer, more fundamental and most importantly too contradictory and heteroglot to be fitted into a high and straightforward lf.


What we have before us is in fact an image of Lensky’s song, but not an image in the narrow sense; it is rather a novelistic image: In this comic aspect, heroism and strength are retained, but they are combined with laughter and with images from the material life of the body. He then exams Greek and Latin literature and how they have influenced the creation of the novel. In addition, the second portion of the essay incorporates the idea of polyglossia—the coexistence of multiple languages in the same area—to illustrate the challenges of construction a common vernacular within literature.

These descriptive and expressive means that are direct and poetic in the narrow sense retain their direct significance when they are incorporated into such a figure, but at the same time they are qualified’ and externalized’, shown as something historically relative, delimited and incomplete – in the novel they, so to speak, criticize themselves.

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The beginning of the essay had a much easier pace and clearer direction to read to, so that it was much more understandable.

A parody may represent and ridicule these distinctive features of the sonnet well or badly, profoundly or superficially. Bakhtin and the Question of Rhetoric Documents. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Mikhail Bakhtin: From ‘the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse’

He mentions several other traditional approaches to the study, explaining the flaws associated with each. In the prehistory of novelistic discourse one may observe many extremely heterogeneous facts at work.

This novelistic image of another’s style with the direct metaphors that it incorporates must be taken in intonational quotation marks within the system of direct authorial speech postulated by us herethat is, taken as if the image were parodic and ironic. Yuri Bakhtin – cims. Roland Barthes — textual analysis: The nature and methods available for ridiculing something are highly novelistix, and not exhausted by parodying and travestying in a strict sense.

The reigning theories of poetic imagery are completely powerless to analyze these complex internally dialogized images of whole languages. It should be added that the figure of comic Odysseus’, a parodic travesty of his high epic and tragic image, was one of the jovelistic popular figures of satyr plays, of ancient Doric farce and pre-Aristophanic comedy, as well as of a whole series of minor comic epics, parodic speeches and disputes in which the comedy of ancient times was so rich especially in southern Italy and Sicily.


He also discusses the idea of polyglassia, which is the coexistence of discohrse languages in the same area. Novelistic Techniqueby Ralph Prehixtory. Like the other elements that distinguish the novel, Bakhtin spends some time going over the origin and use of the quotation, ending in its use today in the novel. In his essay Bakhtin argues that instead of analyzing the style of a novel, ghe should instead analyze the intricacies of the language employed within the novel.

Mikhail Bakhtin’s, “From the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse” | Jaystylz’s Registers

Novelistic Nostalgia the Pleasure and the Pain Documents. Pushkin’s direct characterization of Lensky’s song’ – which we find as well in the novel – sounds completely different [6. A new mode developed for working creatively with language: These two factors in the prehistory of novelistic discourse are the subject of the present article. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

What is more, these parodic doubles and laughing reflections of the direct word were, in some cases, just as sanctioned by tradition and just as canonized as their elevated models. By discouse to use this website, you agree to their use.

Bakhtin – The Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse

This site uses cookies. We would have to say the same of Scarron’s Virgil travesti.

I will deal only discokrse briefly with the problem of the so-called fourth drama’, that is, the satyr play. This world is very rich, considerably richer than we are accustomed to believe. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Odysseus, as is well known, donned a clown’s fool’s cap pileus and harnessed his horse and ox to a plow, pretending to be mad in order to avoid participation in the war. All these types of stylistic analysis to a dlscourse or lesser degree are remote from those peculiarities that define the novel as a genre, and they are also remote from the specifis conditions under which the word lives in the novel.