Kawasaki Vulcan LTD — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 26 Jun, Model: Kawasaki Vulcan LTD Pages: File size: 7 MB. Download. Kawasaki OEM ENC9 Vulcan LTD Owner’s Manual Kawasaki OEM ENA2 Vulcan Owner’s Manual KAWASAKI VULCAN OWNERS MANUAL — | PDF | 52 Pages | KB | KAWASAKI VULCAN OWNERS MANUAL The primary.

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Owner’s Manuals & Service Manuals | Kawasaki Vehicles

If the surface is corroded, or if the blades are damaged, replace the impeller. Special Tool – Bearing Driver Set: The rings should fit perfectly parallel to the groove sur- faces. Use this table for only the bolts and nuts which do not require a specific torque value.

Exhaust pipe leaking at cylinder head con- nection Engine oil pump damaged Crankshaft runout excessive Engine oil screen clogged Engine mounts loose Engine oil level too low Crankshaft bearing worn Engine oil viscosity too low Primary chain worn Camshaft bearing worn Radiator Pipe Right flow Hose 9. Learn and ob- serve all the rules below. It Crankshaft sensor trouble is meant simply as a rough guide to assist Ignition coil trouble the troubleshooting for some of the more Ignition or engine stop switch shorted Apply a thin coat of molybdenum disulfide grease.


When removing the tensioner, do not take out the mounting bolts only halfway. If the free play is incorrect, adjust the throttle cable.

Right Hand Switch Lead 3.

Shows signs of wear from use. There is a flat washer [D] on each side of the hose fitting.

Kawasaki EN500 Manuals

If a megger or a meter with a large-capacity battery is used, the IC igniter will be damaged. Main Fuse 30 A 4. High Beam Indicator Light 3. Clutch Spring Free Length Standard: Run the hose into the collar.

In either case flush the cooling system. Starter Lockout Switch If the bearing is removed, it will need to be replaced with a new one.

In these models, the headlight does not go on when the igni- tion switch and the engine vhlcan switch are first turned on.

Fork Ownes Level Gauge: Excessive amount may block engine oil passages and cause serious dam- age. Ob- serve all the rules listed below: Do not drop or shock the valve seat cutter, or the dia- mond particles may fall off. Footpeg [C] Pedal Position Standard: Torque – Water Pump Cover Bolts: Also shop in Also shop in. Note the follow- ing.



Then stop the engine. Replace the starter motor with a new one if the commu- tator diameter is less than the service limit. Don’t have an account? This can damage or warp the disc. Fan Fuse 10 A 5.