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More, it has to be adapted to the actual experiences of the respondent.

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Methods and Strategies in Spatial Marketing. Flexible discriminant analysis was then used here, using the “MDA” code provided by the authors for the R package.

This process, we called “caused preferences surveys”, can finally be justified by the following arguments: Finally, the reputed reliability of data obtained this way, based on the apparent direct apprehension of an objective reality, can be misleading. This can be achieved using a weighted mean for example: Autor Arnaud Banos arnaud.

In other words, revealed preferences tell us little about the modification of mobility behaviours possibly induced by the hypothetical introduction of a new alternative.

This relation is underlined using a Lowess [Cleveland, ], enhanced by a bootstrap confidence band [Efron and Tibshirani, ].

Indeed, investigators were allowed to stay only one hour aboard, and a maximum of five days of inquiry was accorded by the SNCF, for a limited number of investigators. Design of the survey 16 The spread of high speed trains increased daily trips geomarketng distant cities.


Of course, this basic model can be desegregated according to the available census data, using indicators such as age, sex or profession. Indeed, people are asked to give their opinion about a conjectural but realistic transport scenario.

Potential of Geo-Marketing-Tools for the development of advanced Online …

Therefore, an “as-much-as-possible” strategy was adopted, leading to convenience samples. More, it seems that the product concept has to be “sold” to the respondent from the very first contact. The aim of this article is to present an example of a practical strategy set up in a context of operational research, that geomarketung to the creation of a personalised public transport service. Advertising Policy and Geographic Information.

Then, a procedure dedicated to the production of market maps, through spatial generalisation, will be exposed. Aumentar Original png, 2,2k. geomarketinb

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Aumentar Original png, 1,6k. And for nearly four hundred of them, individual characteristics and revealed preferences are only known.

Consequently, demand models are constructed on the basis off observations of traveller behaviour under existing transportation supply conditions ” [Kanafani,pp. Rice University, p. They propose then to replace the linear regression fits by far more flexible non-parametric fits, in the spirit of the generalised additive model [Buja, Hastie and Tibshirani, ].

This need for innovation concerns the miscellaneous stages of the public transport production, including the preliminary analysis ones. Second, during the survey, respondents have to be presented with much more information than they would have in making their travel decisions. Once a “niche marketing” is identified, any personalised solution can be consequently imaged and tested, leading to a better use of the service proposed. Indeed, many work remains to be done to understand mobility behaviour, what is more if we are to propose versatile and viable alternatives to current trends.


Each group, or “segment”, can be targeted by a different marketing mix because the segments are created to minimise inherent differences between respondents within each segment and maximise differences between each segment. Cubic spline functions were used during the calibration process, allowing us to handle the geomarketinb relationships showed before.

The survey can therefore be seen as a commercial lever, as well as a reliable way of getting precious data. Geomarketing based surveys, combining geomarkrting and modified stated preferences, called “caused preferences”, are a powerful way of acquiring such an accurate information.

Aumentar Original png, 3,2k. A spatial generalisation procedure based on adaptive neighbourhoods was finally proposed, so as to produce market map from individual probabilities of adopting a given service.

European Journal of GeographyDebatesDes preuves par simulation.