Loghat-nameh Dehkhoda. Be the first to review this product. Ships within weeks. $ Qty: Add to Cart. OR. Product Description; Reviews; Additional. Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda. by asghar62February 18, no comment. Are you looking to find a meaning oor the root of a Farsi (Persian) word, then you can. Even though this blog is intended for private use, I decided to type up some information about studying at the International Centre for Persian.

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Hello, I’m planning to study Persian starting from beginning of February I have some questions regarding application and VISA but they don’t reply to my email and I can’t reach them on the phone. Any clues what is going on?

What should I do? Any hint will be greatly appreciated. Can somebody tell me when the next year classes will start?

On the online application i have only the 2nd February option, which i think is too late for me to apply. Today, still around one million nomads live in Ira You can help this social bussiness dehkhida contribution in their crowdfunding campaign: It so difficult to explain my feeling about one of the most wonderful traditional building in Qazvin.


This is an old house that has been restored and changed t Despite that this is only one part of the main mansion that once existed that dehkhodw a real huge one with many yards, but it still is olghatnameh Here you can truly see how beautiful can a house be! Is it like an emergency contact? Because I am planning on going there alone and the fields in there appear to be compulsory. The website says it is compulsory but from some posts here I get the impression it might not be necessary.

Did anyone successfully apply recently without having the degree stamped from the embassy?

Dehkhoda Dictionary

If you would like to have amazing experience and visit old, historical and unknown parts of Tehran send me Email to book free loghatmameh tour! It is my pleasure to announce the publication of “Persian Academic Reading” with routledgebooks. Kindly share this information with anyone interested in learning Persian reading:.

Hey I have a question about accomodation rules. Are you able to leave the dorm alone ans stay out past curfew? I am going to attend the intesive course starting on In the email from the Institut is written, that we will be interviewed in order to assess our language level and then placed in the according class.


Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda

But is this interview a writting test or speaking or something else? Thank you in advance: Location Golha Park close to N. Furnished, 4th floor, 2 bedroom loghahnameh.

Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda | The Iranian

Join Group settings More. Sergiu Dur December 13 at 8: Angie Mounir July Abbas Aghdassi shared his post. Abbas Loghatnwmeh September Kindly share this information with anyone interested in learning Persian reading: Persian Academic Reading Paperback – Routledge.

No other textbook teaches skills required to comprehend modern academic Persian. This textbook includes passages….

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